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Podcast 'Factory of the Future': Value Stream Analysis and Lean Management

Value Stream Management
Posted by Yvonne Therese Mertens

How can value stream analysis be performed easily, quickly, and with purpose?

Podcast 'Fabrik der Zukunft' with Yvonne Therese Mertens - Value Stream Analysis and Lean Management

Episode #132 of the popular 'Fabrik der Zukunft' podcast, hosted by Tobias Herwig, covers more than just a small topic: value stream analysis in complex production environments. This highly effective approach to process optimization in industry is still known for its significant manpower, resource and time requirements. This is often due to manual data collection and analysis through disparate systems, often still in Excel.

In the podcast, Yvonne Therese Mertens and Tobias Herwig discuss common challenges in the manufacturing industry when it comes to process optimization and continuous improvement (Kaizen) within companies, and how the industry can evolve thanks to new digital tools and AI.

Listen to the 'Fabrik der Zukunft' podcast about ONIQ IQA now

Listen to the podcast here and learn more about the following topics:

  • Digital and AI-supported value stream analysis
  • Digital Lean Management
  • Root cause analyses in production
  • AI and IT in future production
  • Challenges and solutions for digitization projects

The podcast is available in German language, only.