Process Carbon Footprint

The Future of Manufacturing is Lean and Green

IQA integrates the sustainability perspective into Lean Manufacturing, ensuring that Operational Excellence and sustainability are not at odds.

Combining Efficiency and Sustainability

Focus on Sustainability

While manufacturing companies have traditionally focused on the efficiency and speed of production processes, rising sustainability requirements are now challenging these firms. These are often perceived as contradictory to efficiency. IQA paves the way to harmonize both objectives.

Green is Part of Lean

IQA combines proven Lean Manufacturing approaches with aspects of sustainability. The digital twin allows value streams to be analyzed from both an efficiency and sustainability perspective. Measures for increasing efficiency can be planned and implemented in harmony with sustainability criteria.

Carbon Transparency

IQA automatically identifies and monitors drivers for CO2 footprint and energy consumption across individual value streams. Even hidden sources of emissions are uncovered and quantified for each product, significantly aiding the determination of the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF).

Software Features

Process Carbon Footprint

IQA automates carbon footprint calculation for value streams. The software captures resource consumption and emissions per work step and integrates them into a value stream view. This process-oriented perspective enables a more holistic carbon optimization than considering individual production areas.

Product Carbon Footprint

IQA facilitates the bottom-up calculation of the Product Carbon Footprint for all individual products. It comprehensively analyzes Scope 1 and 2 emissions at each stage of the value creation process. Emissions are precisely allocated to products by tracing the exact material flow of each order through the production process.

Scrap Analysis

IQA automatically identifies high, unplanned scrap leading to avoidable costs and resource waste. At the push of a button, it can determine and visualize which value streams, products, or equipment are responsible for the high scrap and where optimization levers exist.

Bring Light into Your Manufacturing Processes

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Digital Value Stream

Value streams for all products are automatically reconstructed from existing data. Instead of a labor-intensive, manual snapshot, all production and logistics processes are continuously captured in the digital twin and are analyzable on a broad data foundation.

Lean Analytics

IQA provides automated analyses to detect waste in production processes and prioritize resulting action areas. Weaknesses are automatically identified and traced back to their root causes through AI-powered techniques.

Digital Kaizen

IQA enables the rapid and data-driven identification of untapped productivity opportunities, along with the continuous monitoring of manufacturing KPIs. This effectively supports both daily shop floor management and continuous improvement process (CIP) through data-centric approaches.

Transform to Lean and Green
Transform to Lean and Green
Transform to Lean and Green
Transform to Lean and Green
Transform to Lean and Green
Transform to Lean and Green