Lean Analytics

Don’t Waste Your Time Fixing the Wrong Problems

Efficient production processes require the right focus. IQA highlights the key areas of action and aids a targeted resource allocation.

From Lean Manufacturing to Digital Lean

Unlock Efficiency Potential Instantly

IQA utilizes the automatically generated digital twin of production processes for detailed analysis. Supported by Lean Manufacturing Analytics, the software proactively detects “waste” in the value streams and highlights the potential for productivity enhancement.

Integrated Lean Expertise

IQA assists in focusing on the most areas for improvement, e.g., by identifying bottlenecks. Integrated deep-dive analyses for typical operational challenges such as delivery reliability, inventory, long lead times, setup losses, or quality deviations greatly simplify problem-solving.

Finding the Needle in the Haystack

With AI-powered root cause analyses, even concealed correlations come to light automatically. Production inefficiencies and performance deviations are pinpointed to their core reasons. Our out-of-the-box AI analyses are user-centric, demanding no preliminary setup or AI know-how, ensuring instant value for every team.

Software Features

Bottleneck Identification

Using all relevant bottleneck indicators, IQA automatically identifies the bottleneck for each value stream. IQA enables the concentration of improvement efforts on the current bottleneck.

WIP Inventory Analysis

IQA automates the determination of current and historical work-in-process inventories (WIP), based on quantity data collected in the process. The WIP is displayed in the value stream view or on dashboards, accessible and analyzable at various levels of aggregation.

Cycle Time Analysis

The cycle time analysis identifies production units and process steps that produce slower than the takt time, potentially causing delivery delays. IQA provides the cycle time analysis automatically for all value streams.

Material Shortage Analysis

IQA assesses the availability of parts and materials for timely production. In case of material shortages, the software enables an examination of the value stream to identify bottlenecks or misplanning in the in-house manufacturing or procurement processes.

Setup Matrix

IQA visualizes the performance of all changeover times associated with each production unit through an automatically generated setup matrix. Deviations from the planned changeover times are immediately evident.


IQA offers intuitive analyses for benchmarking sites, value streams, products, or workplaces, and for pinpointing deviations from targets. This enables the swift determination of optimal process paths, the most efficient equipment, or the top-performing products, and facilitates targeted analysis of weaknesses.

Discovery of Organizational Losses

IQ| identifies critical organizational losses in the value stream, such as shortages in manpower or materials, which result in prolonged throughput times. This involves a detailed analysis of process and environmental parameters to pinpoint the root causes of these inefficiencies.

Bring Light into Your Manufacturing Processes

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Digital Value Stream

Value streams for all products are automatically reconstructed from existing data. Instead of a labor-intensive, manual snapshot, all production and logistics processes are continuously captured in the digital twin and are analyzable on a broad data foundation.

Digital Kaizen

IQA enables the rapid and data-driven identification of untapped productivity opportunities, along with the continuous monitoring of manufacturing KPIs. This effectively supports both daily shop floor management and continuous improvement process (CIP) through data-centric approaches.

Process Carbon Footprint

IQA integrates the concepts of "lean" and "green": By analyzing the energy and CO2 footprint within the value stream, measures for enhancing efficiency and sustainability can be harmonized, resulting in holistic and comprehensive improvements.

Transform to Lean and Green
Transform to Lean and Green
Transform to Lean and Green
Transform to Lean and Green
Transform to Lean and Green
Transform to Lean and Green