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Our core values are deeply and fundamentally embedded within all aspects of our daily work.

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

At ONIQ, we hold our company culture in high regard. Transparency, integrity, and authenticity are of paramount importance to us. We place our trust in one another and cultivate a collaborative work environment where everyone's ideas are not only welcome but also where decisions are made based on competence.

Aim High, Run Fast

We operate with agility, speed and a dynamic mindset. Each role at ONIQ is characterized by a strong sense of personal responsibility and ample room for innovation. However, we don't believe in going it all alone – greatness can only be achieved as a team!

Sustainability Matters

We actively contribute to the battle against climate change by assisting our customers in reducing their carbon emissions. We're also acutely aware of our own environmental footprint and aspire not only to be carbon-neutral but even carbon-negative.

Team Testimonials

“At ONIQ, I experience two special things every day: first, the team atmosphere that fosters success, fun, and valuable ideas; and second, the opportunity for continuous personal development. In an environment with diverse tasks, new challenges, and constant support, I can grow beyond myself.”
“Working at ONIQ is to be free: free to be one self, celebrated for one's particularities. Free to distribute work, so that professional and personal life can harmoniously coexist.”
“ONIQ is not only inclusive and values the contributions of every team member, but it's also committed to delivering the best experience to our customers. I feel like I'm part of a team that cares about both its employees and customers.”
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