Digital Kaizen

Stop Firefighting - Start Improving

Continuous improvement often fails due to the effort and daily firefighting - IQ|A provides assistance in both areas.

Digital Support of Continuous Improvement

Data-driven Improvement

IQ|A enhances and digitizes Kaizen and Six Sigma processes. Leveraging the digital value stream twin, key steps for implementing improvements are efficiently executed - from problem identification, through target controlling of measures, to the long-term adherence to defined standards.

Tailored Information

IQ|A serves as a centralized hub for collaborative improvement initiatives spanning all departments. Tailored to specific application areas, IQ|A offers varying levels of detail in value stream data, KPIs, and analyses. No configuration or data mining expertise required.

Enabling Rapid Reactions

From daily shop floor management through the continuous improvement cycle to the monthly management meeting - IQ|A creates a continuous view of current process performance in all areas. This enables rapid responses and data-driven decisions.


Tailored Value Stream Insights

IQ|A provides tailored views, dashboards, and analyses to make value streams transparent for various target groups. A unified data foundation ensures the comparability of KPIs and enables a consistent analysis drill-down from the management level to the shop floor perspective.

Plan/Actual Comparison

IQ|A continuously compares the actual value stream with the work or production plan. Deviations or planning errors can be quickly and continuously identified. Systematic variances are analyzed over time and statistically evaluated.

Master Data Improvement

IQ|A analyzes existing master data for production planning, like cycle times or scrap rates, and compares it to real-time process data. Deviations are identified, and refined master data sets for each product are automatically generated. This refinement improves the production planning process and leads to smoother execution and more efficient operations.

Cross-team Collaboration

IQ|A enables seamless and efficient collaboration by providing a unified view of all information and analyses. Users can share analyses and dashboards with authorized colleagues and collectively drive continuous improvement efforts.

Data Quality Improvement

Through automatic data analysis, implausible booking data can be swiftly detected and excluded from analyses, enabling data-driven process analysis even with flawed source data. Additionally, the quality of the data can be specifically examined and analyzed.

Bring Light into Your Manufacturing Processes

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Digital Value Stream

Value streams for all products are automatically reconstructed from existing data. Instead of a labor-intensive, manual snapshot, all production and logistics processes are continuously captured in the digital twin and are analyzable on a broad data foundation.

Lean Analytics

IQ|A provides automated analyses to detect waste in production processes and prioritize resulting action areas. Weaknesses are automatically identified and traced back to their root causes through AI-powered techniques.

Process Carbon Footprint

IQ|A integrates the concepts of "lean" and "green": By analyzing the energy and CO2 footprint within the value stream, measures for enhancing efficiency and sustainability can be harmonized, resulting in holistic and comprehensive improvements.

Transform to Lean and Green
Transform to Lean and Green
Transform to Lean and Green
Transform to Lean and Green
Transform to Lean and Green
Transform to Lean and Green