Your digital copilot to elevate
manufacturing performance

IQ|A enables a new view on processes in production and logistics,
making your company smart manufacturing-ready.

The next level of smart manufacturing

Data-driven management of
production processes

IQ|A supports you in continuously analyzing and optimizing your production and adjacent value-added areas. For this purpose, a digital process twin of your value stream is created, thus creating transparency about the actual production process. Hidden inefficiencies are uncovered, their root causes revealed and new best practices identified. IQ|A helps you to make operational decisions based on data and to continuously improve your processes.


The digital process twin makes the corporate value stream transparent

In your production line, a multitude of event data document the course of your production process. The vast majority of which is scattered across various IT systems and rarely used for end-to-end analytics. IQ|A uses this source data to create a digital twin of your production process.

Analyse and improve process performance

IQ|A uses specially developed, production-specific analytics to create full transparency around your processes and their hidden weaknesses. A guided workflow lets you identify inefficiencies and deviations from the target process. This involves analyzing the most important areas of the production process, such as lead times, process performance, quality, carbon footprint and production costs.

IQ|A offers you the possibility to track the performance of individual processes down to the individual product and order, thereby generating a data-based foundation for your decision-making and allowing you to manage your processes effectively.

End-to-end transparency

Shed light on all aspects of your production processes

IQ|A analyzes all relevant metrics of your production processes – across the board
or individually for each product, order or machine.

Lead times and plan deviations

Production costs and carbon footprint

Quality, scrap and customer claims

Process performance and bottlenecks

Downtimes and disruptions

Quick results with IQ|A

Start your process analysis in just a few steps

IQ|A uses existing event data from your IT systems to generate a digital twin of your production processes. In order to carry out more in-depth root cause analyses, this data can be supplemented by machine data. The data can be easily integrated into IQ|A via ready-made interfaces – such as a manual import or on the basis of an automated data connection for live operation.

After just a few steps, you can analyze your processes in IQ|A. Contact us to learn how IQ|A works by taking part in a demo and to find out more about the advantages of IQ|A for your company.

How does IQ|A change your enterprise?