Enable your transformation to
lean and green manufacturing

Use IQ|A to make processes in production and logistics visible,
automatically identify their weaknesses and implement best practices.

Data-driven management of value streams 

Process excellence needs
more than just KPIs

For industrial companies, speed, efficiency and resilience of the production process has become not just a competitive advantage but crucial for survival. With climate change, carbon transparency and carbon reduction pose additional challenges. On top of that, supply chain disruptions and customer demand volatility require a much higher amount of flexibility and adaptability. IQ|A provides industrial
companies with the digital tools they need to meet these challenges.

Make processes visible

Using a digital process twin, IQ|A creates overall value stream visibility – from lead times to the carbon footprint of each individual product.

Identify weaknesses and best practices

With guided workflows, typical problems in production processes are efficiently identified and improved process flows revealed as well.

Become agile

IQ|A helps you to improve continuously by benchmarking the performance of your process flows, automating analyses and data-based reactions.

End-to-end transparency for the shop floor 

Get to the bottom of your production processes

No matter what you produce, the complexity of your production processes is enormous – and so is the variety of automation technology, monitoring, planning and scheduling software you already use. But do you really have visibility of the actual process flows? Where is value generated, where is it lost? Can you pinpoint the root causes of weak points in the production process?

IQ|A automatically creates a digital twin of your production processes based on real event data. The actual corporate value stream becomes visible and real-time reactions are made possible. Process inefficiencies are identified automatically. Using artificial intelligence methods the root causes of these value losses and weak points are revealed.

Your benefits from IQ|A

IQ|A supports process
improvements end-to-end

IQ|A addresses the main performance targets in Operations Management


Automatically identify inefficiencies, their root causes and best practices of processes to reduce production costs and working capital.

Carbon footprint reduction

Improve resource efficiency by increasing carbon transparency and avoiding unnecessary transports, scrap and energy consumption.

Customer focus

Deliver to customers just-in-time and satisfy flexibility requirements by minimizing delays and lead times.

Agility and resilience

Cope with uncertainty and volatility by enabling on-time reactions, real-time forecasts and scenario simulations.